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Butterfly Academy is your trusted partner in nourishing your child's growth and development.


A Little About Butterfly Academy 

Butterfly Academy opened its doors in August 2020.  We employ a team of pre-teachers dedicated to the education of young children.  

Our pre-school teachers care for and teach basic social skills, problem-solving, and language skills.  They teach concepts in groups and one-on-one using techniques, such as games, story-telling, experimenting, art, music and so much more. 




Butterfly Academy offers six childcare programs for growing families. We offer engaging programs for

children 6 weeks to 7 years old.


Nursery: 6 weeks - 17 months

Designed around early brain research, the Frog Street Infant curriculum equips caregivers to foster essential growth and build a strong learning foundation for little one's ages 6 weeks -18 months. Frog Street’s curriculum for infants provides intentional activities and support in five developmental domains: language, cognitive, social and emotional, physical, and approaches toward learning.


Toddlers and Twos: 18 months - 36 months

Frog Street’s Toddler curriculum for children ages 18-36 months focuses on enhancing the simple joy of childhood while equipping caregivers to nurture curiosity through exploration. Frog Street’s toddler and 2-year-old curriculum allows toddlers to build confidence with a special emphasis on social-emotional development, learning impulse control, and developing social skills. Caregivers build trusting relationships with children through one-on-one, partner, and small-group interactions.


Pre-K Three and Four: 3 years old - 4 years old

Frog Street Threes is a preschool curriculum that meets the unique needs of three-year-olds and provides intentional instruction in key areas of development. Frog Street Threes curriculum enhances literacy development and creates a “social bridge” as children this age begin to interact and share with others. This curriculum for preschoolers also lays the cornerstones for math concepts such as attributes, classification, and patterns, while integrating STEAM content throughout the week.



Before and After School: 5 years old - 7 years old

In our Before and After School program, students can build upon their education outside of school by participating in various activities that will challenge them in fun and creative ways. Our program offers a caring environment that provides positive opportunities for children to play alone, in small or large groups, and in a relaxed atmosphere.


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Curriculum: Frogstreet

 Butterfly Academy utilizes the Frog Street curriculum, which is a research-based

curriculum that engages all learning styles. It is our goal to facilitate the development of young

children ages birth through 7 years old. We provide the necessary tools for children to allow

them to learn by utilizing play, planned activities, and self-discovery. Frog Street curriculum is a bilingual program, with all materials available in English and Spanish.

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